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Nowadays, when there’s a huge amount of information without any content, but we find only a few values and honest human relations, its particularly important to stay true at least for ourselves. It can be reached if we have some self-knowledge, know our skills, have realistic desires and follow the rules of our own inner values. There are a lot of people instructing us what is good and what is wrong, but in my opinion, we don’t have to live our lives according to these criteria. We have to be true for ourselves.

We can create, hand over and preserve values only with this attitude.

Every artwork is a treasure of its kind. It presents its value independently from subjective opinions – even if it’s not reflected in its price. Don’t be afraid to choose an artwork that we really like and is beautiful for us, that we would be always glad to see or we would give as a present gladly for an important person.

As we always face a huge amount of information, the possibility of choice is one of those things that is worth keeping and experiencing. We can choose so that it’s really our own decision, our choice reflects our own taste, we can choose then and that way as we would like it.

CIRAADA is a platform of these choices for those who like fine arts. It brings untouchable artworks from the walls of museums and galleries within arm’s reach and gives the possibility of choice. It introduces artists and their artworks, brings them into everyday situations, so that unique artworks are placed in homes, workplaces and public areas instead of replicas, reflecting the personality of those who live, work or have fun there.

Every artists and art lovers are warmly welcome in Gallery CIRAADA!

Andrea Ivánka-Csontos, Founder