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I’m Szilvia Bach. The only one female humorist and parodist in Hungary. I’m also an actor, a book writer and I also wrote a play which is still on stage in different theatres. Since my childhood I always wanted to be a painter but I never had enough courage to realise this dream. And then, on Christmas Day 2014, my daughter gave me a painter kit, but I did not use it until the middle of 2015 when I returned from a trip to Mexico. The whole Mexican feeling, the tastes, sounds, smells and the Spanish language was very impressive and inspiring for me. Actually, I fell in love with Mexico. I could barely wait to go home, get the painter kit and start painting about my feelings. Since then, I can’t stop painting. Many Hungarian experts saw my pictures and according to them, they are “fantastic, unique, and exciting” pieces.

Ágh Mihály Gyula, a famous painter, wrote: “Your pictures are Immediately recognisable and unique. Congratulations! It is a blessing if somebody finds their own specific style, and a unique way to express themselves.”

Artworks in our gallery:

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