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„A photo-roast à la hongroise”

Ingredients: an old Zenit, a Forte film, paper, a new, mass-produced sheet and film scanner, then digital cameras: Olympus c3020z, Fuji S6500fd, Nikon D5000, Nikon D5300, Nikon D7200.

Spices: Lots of Photoshop, typographical experience of many decades and 66 years of life.

Preparation: Mix the movement of dancing of the 70’s with roamings in Transylvania, Poland and Hungary, with original folk-music and dance of the Carpathian basin; add the universal classical music, rock, jazz – be careful not to get it burnt by some demure, operetta-style or globalist plastic! –; mix well with literary interferences, with a great family, but also with negative life-experience, with national and political bitterness; and finally serve with poor head for business, not always taking care of the professional rules.

Can be tasted: newspapers, journals, magazines, books, photo exhibitions and the web.

Artworks in our gallery:

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