How can I buy an artwork, how does it work?

The way of purchase, bidding for customers.

Detailed information

You can find the way of purchasing an artwork detailed under the menu item „For Customers / Useful information”.
Our regulations can be found under the menu item „About Us / Rules & Regulations”.


Clicking on the button „Make an offer” under the description of the chosen artwork you can express your intention to purchase it.

Data reconciliation

After bidding, the Gallery contacts the Artists as well as the Customer, and conciliates the following:
– price (if the offer differs from the price announced)
– mode of transport and its price
– mode of payment and its conditions
– need for an invoice and its details


After data reconciliation, we send an e-mail including all final details of the sale. At the same time, we ask the Customer to confirm his/her intention to purchase. Payment and shipping go according to the conciliated details.



How can I save my favourite artworks?

You can find a „Printer Friendly version” icon. By clicking on it, a printing version appears with the information of the page and the artwork. You can save this page in PDF.

What is the Bidding button for?

By clicking the Bidding button, you can make and offer for an artwork.

What kind of offers can I make, as the price of the artwork is given on the site?

The price of the artwork is given indeed and normally, the Customer interested can make an offer on the announced price. The Artist guarantees to sell his/her artwork on this price.
Our Gallery adapts to the characteristics of the market, so it is possible to make a unique offer or to bargain. It means that if you are interested in an artwork, but not for the announced price, but for a lower price, you can make a unique offer. This offer will be sent to the Artist, who can accept the offer, bargain further and offer an intermediate price or insist on the originally announced price. Having the answer of the Artist, the Bidder can purchase the artwork for the price given by the Artist after the bargain or for the original price, or she/he can withdraw from the purchase.

How can I choose the mode of transport and payment?

The mode of transport and payment is announced in the description of each artworks. The Customer can choose from these possibilities. After bidding, the Gallery contacts the Customer and conciliates this with her/him.

How do I get to know the cost of transport I have chosen?

In the conciliating e-mail sent to the Customer after bidding, all available modes of transport will be listed together with their costs.

Whom do I pay the price and how?

In the course of data reconciliation after bidding, the Customer can choose the mode of payment and transport (together with their costs). The Gallery will send a letter to the Customer, that will contain the full price (together with the shipping cost) and all information needed for payment. This letter must be confirmed by the Customer.

When will my purchase be finalized?

After the Costumer confirms the letter of the Gallery containing all the details of the purchase. This letter will be sent after bidding, at the end of data reconciliation.

How can I get an invoice?

The Customer can announce her/his need for an invoice and give all data for it.

What rights can I exercise relating to my online purchase?

According to Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26) on the Detailed Provisions of Contracts Concluded between Consumers and Companies, Customers have the right of withdrawal (the right to send goods back, return guarantee) in case of online shopping, and we can exercise this right with few exceptions in any case.
You can find detailed and current regulations relating consumer protection ont he website

How long can I exercise the right of withdrawal?

We can exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days (calendar days!) calculated from the day we received the product or the contract of service purchase was concluded. According to general rules, the day on which we received the product or concluded the contract is not calculated to this deadline.

With whom do I liaise during the purchase?

The purchase will be coordinated by Gallery CIRAADA, so with the Gallery.

Do I have the possibility to purchase special services?

Yes, of course. Our services can be found under menu item „Art consultancy” on our website. You can contact us for further information about it or with special needs by email or directly through our website.